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ICAS is a dynamic organisation with a diverse membership base - which means there are opportunities for carefully selected partners to work with us. With a truly global footprint our members represent the highest levels of business and professionals.

ICAS aims to be a digital leader among professional bodies. We are engaging with our members on a personal level utilising a combination of social media and digital channels. Our website provides an increasingly tailored experience for our membership, keeping them up-to-date with developments affecting business, the profession and the wider economy.

If you are interested in booking online advertising or sponsored content, please contact Michael Coulsey,
Think Publishing on +44 (0)20 8962 1261 or send him an email.

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Online advertising options

The ICAS website is a mobile responsive site. Adverts are sized as follows:

  • Skyscraper banner (160x600px) - desktop
  • MPU (160x160px) - mobile/tablet

Please note that adverts will be part of a rotation shared with two other advertising slots. The following rates are based on 30 day packages, for longer term campaigns and tailored packages please contact Think Publishing.

Single advert [Within one category for the duration of one month]: £325 + VAT

Terms and conditions

All adverts placed within the ICAS website are subject to our online advertising guidelines and are covered by our terms and conditions. Full payment is required in advance however if you are planning a long term campaign we would be happy to discuss a payment plan to suit your needs.

Sponsored Content

ICAS has a dedicated area for the latest news covering a variety of topics.  In order to help support in the creation of content ICAS will be working with a number of third party organisations to help bring certain issues to the attention of individuals accessing the area.  These online articles can also act as converting content helping to increase the profile of your experts and generate qualified leads for your sales team.

Sponsored content can be included in our Partnership package or considered on an individual basis.

Terms and conditions

Editorial process

The responsibility for ensuring sponsored content complies with these guidelines rests with both Business Services and Editorial. The responsible individual from each team is charged with ensuring that commercial content is suitable to be published on the ICAS website.


The primary purpose of sponsored content is to provide information on a subject with is associated with both the commercial partner and ICAS. Therefore the amount of editorial content on any publication must always outweigh the amount of advertising content.


Both Business Services and Editorial teams will review all commercial content and provide feedback accordingly, in order to satisfy both the needs of the business and the needs of the commercial partner. ICAS Technical team may also be consulted regarding highly technical articles where we feel specialist review is required.

Commercial partnership relationship

All commercial content must be legal and follow the relative guidelines. Generally acceptable standards must be applied to the content of all commercial articles so as to provide adequate protection for members of the public from the inclusion of offensive and harmful material. The content should not be misleading, harmful or offensive.

Reputation of ICAS

All commercial content must not jeopardise the good reputation of ICAS. Commercial content should:

  • Be suitable and relative to our member audience;
  • Not bring ICAS into disrepute;
  • Not give rise to doubts regarding the integrity, independence or impartiality of ICAS;

Commercial content should not:

  • Be overly political or religious;
  • Be aggressive in nature;
  • Overly advertising a particular product or service
    • With regards to the above, a call-to-action and short paragraph about the product or service will suffice, the main content of the article should be focused on a relevant topic associated with both the commercial partner and ICAS.


The following disclaimer will be used on all commercial content:

This blog is one of a series of articles from our commercial partners. The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of ICAS.

Commercial content must not include any endorsement by ICAS.

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