International services and support

ICAS has many years of experience carrying out overseas accounting reform, institution building and technical training projects.

Around the world, tangible evidence of the success of our projects can be seen in the form of national institute's entry into the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), modernisation of national accounting legislation, the successful implementation of International Audit and Accounting Standards (ISA and IAS) and the longevity of our institute partnership arrangements.

International projects - sharing skills and experience

We believe the key to our success is the friendly but professional approach of our highly qualified and experienced staff who are backed up by the full human and physical resources of other ICAS specialist departments. ICAS is dedicated to promoting the excellence internationally.

ICAS aims to ensure that the skills and experience developed by ICAS can be shared with other accountants, auditors and professional business people, throughout the world.

ICAS around the world

ICAS has been active with the following countries over the years; Albania, Armenia, Belarus, China, Czech Republic, UAE, Hong Kong, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lao PDR, Malawi, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine and Vietnam.

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