Procedures for quality audit

Procedures for Quality Audit (PQA) provides auditors with an ideal way to assist in the planning, execution and recording of audit work in compliance with the International Standards of Auditing (UK & Ireland).

Our Product

Ensuring compliance at all stages of the audit process can be difficult, particularly when you are trying to strike a balance between cost and efficiency.

Fully compliant with the International Standards on Auditing (UK & Ireland) our work programmes are designed to lead you through the process of compliance in an efficient and structured manner. Procedures for Quality Audit is updated on an annual basis for any changes in legislation or the audit regulations. 

The Benefits

Comprehensive work programmes covering all stages of the audit process from planning, right through to fieldwork and completion.

Efficient checklists to ensure compliance with the clarified ISAs, Ethical Standards and Audit Regulations, whilst being much more than just a "tick box exercise".

Work programmes you can tailor to the specific requirements of your clients.

A work programme covering the Audit of Group Financial statements.

Word templates to assist you with the documentation of your audit planning memorandum and minutes of client and team meetings plus a template to help you set out your audit fieldwork in an efficient manner.

The Format

Procedures for Quality Audit is available on CD-ROM or in hard copy. The hard copy is prepared on coloured card to allow easy identification in the audit file.

Firms can purchase the CD-ROM (which includes the master content in pdf format to avoid corruption) and user-friendly Microsoft word files to allow easy tailoring of the programmes and completion of the audit programmes electronically.


Procedures for Quality Audit - CD

Initial purchase price £365.00 plus VAT

Annual renewal £230.00 plus VAT

Procedures for Quality Audit - Hard copy (supplied in packs of 5) at a price of £80 plus VAT (Word templates will be emailed)

A discount of 10% is available to members of the CA Practitioner Service.

To place an order for any of the above please contact Practice Support or telephone +44 (0) 131 347 0249.


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