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Save money on your energy bills while helping The ICAS Foundation with Energylinx for Business

Save money and help The ICAS Foundation

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This is an exclusive opportunity to obtain the most price competitive energy quote on the market for your business while giving back to the ICAS Foundation, supporting talented young people through their university career.

Energylinx for Business is an online price comparison and switching engine, ensuring ICAS members are able to find the most competitive energy tariffs for their business with the largest number of energy suppliers of any on-line comparator. We have removed the stress and complication of the switching process for SMEs and owner managed businesses throughout the UK and invite you to use our innovative service to find out where you can save on your energy bills. As with Financial Services, all introducers in the energy business receive a commission - in this circumstance the vast majority of that will go to the ICAS Foundation.

Significant annual savings can be made by switching suppliers, with a 20% decrease in the cost of a company's energy bill being equivalent to a 5% increase in sales for most businesses. Here are some benefits of using our unique platform:

  • Quick: Takes under 1 minute to get a fully customised quote for your business;
  • Easy to use: out database validation and online prompts make life easy. Simply enter your business postcode, current supplier details and your consumption and you are offered your quote;
  • Trustworthy: Our service is fully on-line so you can see all the available options prior to making your decision;
  • Available 24/7: Our on-line automated solution means that the option to switch is available round the clock.

To find out more, visit the Energylinx for Business website, call Tom O'Neill on 01259 220 177 or email


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