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CreDec, working in association with ICAS, is the leading provider of BACS to practice payroll with the lowest cost BACS access model in the UK.

The challenges of compliance with PAYE RTI put BACS at the centre of payroll services. Why? Because PAYE is now all about aligning payroll with payments to staff and direct BACS is the only UK payment channel directly integrated with payroll software.

This means that you can protect your clients and practice from HMRC penalties and compliance measures by providing BACS payment services, because BACS proves the correct operation of PAYE and payments to HMRC.

BACS for your practice payroll

CreDec's BACS service for practice payroll, Payroll Direct Credit, works seamlessly with your existing payroll operation and software, without the need for any hardware, software or licencing.

RTI BACS payment files generated by payroll software are simply uploaded to CreDec's secure site where they are submitted to and receipted by BACS.

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CreDec is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Company registered number 3156714.  Financial Services Register No. 543196.


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