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Auditors send millions of letters by post to banks worldwide each year requesting confirmation of their clients’ balances and arrangements. Auditing standards require this procedure to be performed as part of every audit. The process is costly for auditors, creates a poor client experience, is susceptible to fraud, and can cause audit delays.

The global leader in secure online audit confirmations is the global leader in secure online audit confirmations. Performing the process electronically helps auditors to cut paper and post, dramatically increase efficiency, enhance their client service, reduce the risk of fraud, and deliver on-time audit opinions.

We simplify the confirmation process and eliminate the need to track down responses. Our service provides numerous features to improve audit efficiency including the ability to roll forward data from year to year, a secure collaboration tool for sharing documents among the audit team, and the ability to put confirmations in a queue to release on a future date.

Because security and privacy are extremely important in today’s business environment, to illustrate our commitment to effective operational controls, and to ensure privacy and data integrity, we undergo all three types of Service Organization Control (SOC) examinations every six months, have received an ISO 27001 certification of our service, and are TRUSTe Privacy Policy certified.

Today, 14,000 audit firms confirm over £1 trillion annually with over 3,500 banks for 700,000 clients worldwide. is used in over 160 countries by banks, companies and law firms to respond to audit confirmation requests. 

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