Subscription FAQs 2019

How much should I pay for my membership for 2019?

Your Annual Renewal will tell you which rate you are on and how much you need to pay. Check our full list of subscription categories for more information.

What changes have been made to the overseas subscription rate?

At a Special General Meeting on 24 April 2015, it was agreed by the membership that the full subscription rate fees would, by 1 January 2019, be harmonised for members wherever they live and work in the world. As a result, the overseas full subscription fee has increased to £485 for 2019.

When do I need to pay my fees?

You can pay your fees as soon as you have received your Annual Renewal notice. You will not be able to pay your fees before your renewal is released. The deadline for payment is 1 January 2019, unless you have an agreed payment plan in place with ICAS. If you have not completed your Annual Renewal by this date, you may receive an administration charge, and your continued membership may be at risk.

What happens if I don't pay my fees?

If you have not completed your Annual Renewal, including paying your subscription fees, by 1 January 2019, you may be charged an administration fee and you may be liable to be removed from membership as of 31 December 2018.

You always have the option to resign if you no longer want to be a member of ICAS.

What do I do if I can’t pay my fees?

Please contact Central Registry as soon as possible if you anticipate any difficulties in paying your subscription fees and we can offer you our guidance and assistance. You may be eligible for a reduced subscription and we can offer you a number of payment plans.

If you contact us after 1 January, we may not be able to offer the full range of assistance.

I am going on maternity/paternity leave, can I apply for a reduced subscription?

The ICAS reduced subscription is based on your income, rather than your working status, so it will depend on the maternity/paternity package you receive from your employer.

If your income will be less than £18,400 for 2019, excluding the statutory portion of any maternity/paternity pay and any benefits (e.g. child benefit) you receive, you can make an application for a reduced subscription for 2019 up until 31 March 2019.

If your income will exceed this threshold but your personal circumstances will make it difficult to pay your fees (e.g. you are the primary earner in your household, or you have large outgoings), you can still apply, but you will need to provide details of your income and circumstances. Applications on the grounds of exceptional circumstances are assessed on a case-by-case basis and may not always be granted.

While you are on maternity leave, you will need to either ensure you are keeping up to date with CPD during your leave, or you will need to ensure you have a plan in place to get back up to speed when you return to work. Please visit our CPD webpage for further advice, guidance, and some example records.

How do I pay my subscription fees?

The easiest way to pay your subscription fees is by Direct Debit. If you have a UK bank account, you can ensure your fees are taken care of not just for this year, but for every year. To set up your Direct Debit please contact Central Registry. You can also pay online by using debit or credit card when completing your Annual Renewal online. A limited number of other options are available.

My employer requires an invoice in order for me to re-claim the expense of my annual subscription.

You should give your employer a copy of your renewal receipt. This VAT  receipt includes all the information required by HMRC with a date, supplier name, supplier VAT number, description of goods etc.

I want to submit my expense claim to my employer in advance of paying my subscription and need a copy of an invoice.

ICAS does not issue invoices as you have the option to renew or to cease your membership. ICAS only records the renewal income and issues a receipt once you have decided to renew your membership. Expense claims should only be made once you have incurred the cost and can then be based on the emailed receipt.

What do I do if I have paid an incorrect amount?

If you think you have paid the wrong amount for 2019, please contact Central Registry as soon as possible as we may be able to arrange a refund, or provide you with the opportunity to address an underpayment. Refunds may be issued up until 31 March 2019. We cannot make adjustments to payments made for previous subscription years (including 2018).

Any other questions?

If we haven't answered your question above, you can contact Central Registry for help with any aspect of your membership renewal, including your subscription payment.
Telephone+44 (0)131 347 0314
Lines are open between 9am and 5pm UK time Monday to Friday
Post or In PersonCentral Registry, ICAS, CA House, 21 Haymarket Yards, Edinburgh, EH12 5BH

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