Reporting the death of a member

Sadly, every year, members of ICAS pass away. If you need to report the death of a member, you should contact Central Registry. Where possible, please let us know the date of death and a contact address for the next of kin.

Ending a membership

Once a member's next of kin has informed us that a member has died, their record is immediately ended. You may continue to receive some mail, but no new correspondence will be sent out. Any practising certificate or firm record will be ended as appropriate. Once Central Registry have ended a record, there is no further action to be taken. We do not need a copy of the death certificate.

If we have a contact address for the next of kin, ICAS will normally send a letter of condolence. The death of each member is also reported to Council.

Obituaries in The CA

Each month, Central Registry prepares information for the obituaries in The CA magazine. The obituary normally includes their last known location, the date the member was born, when and how they qualified, the date they joined ICAS and the date of death. Obituaries also include the last position held by the member according to the ICAS records.

The editor of The CA is always grateful if the family of a member wish to provide further information or write the obituary themselves. Please contact Central Registry for more information about this.

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