Proof of membership

When you join ICAS, you are entitled to call yourself a CA - a designation unique to ICAS. Only members of a chartered body like ICAS may call themselves a Chartered Accountant.

Are they a CA?

Only current, active members of ICAS may call themselves a CA. Former members, exam-qualified students, and members of the general public may not use the designation CA

If you need to confirm someone is a CA, you can search for them by name on our Find a CA service. All members listed in this directory are current members of ICAS, and entitled to call themselves Chartered Accountants.

If you cannot find someone in the directory, they may be a Chartered Accountant through ICAEW, ACCA or CAI.

Where a person has told you they are a Chartered Accountant through ICAS, and you cannot find them on the directory, please contact Central Registry. Remember, we will only be able to give out the information which is normally avaliable on the public directory (Name, year of joining and business address or home city). Membership verification requests by email take about five working days for a response.

Unfortunately, not everyone who calls themselves an accountant is a member of a regulatory body. The term accountant is not protected by law (unlike lawyer), so always choose a Chartered Accountant.

Enquiries regarding ICAS students or exam-qualified individuals should be directed to the Examinations team.

How do I prove I'm a member?

Applying for a new job, or a visa for a secondment? You may need written proof of your ICAS membership. The only way to obtain this proof is to request a Letter of Good Standing. This is a letter from ICAS that confirms you are a current, active member and that you have not been subject to any censure, criticism and/or disciplinary proceedings by ICAS.

ICAS Members may request a Letter of Good Standing from ICAS free of charge. It usually takes no more than one week for a digital copy to be prepared and e-mailed to you, and we are happy to post you a hard copy anywhere in the world.

Members of the public may request information regarding the Good Standing of a member, but they must have signed release from the member in question. Requests for Good Standing from the general public may take up to two weeks for a response.

How do I order a new certificate?

As an ICAS member, you shoud have been issued with a certificate of membership (and ITP certificate, if you are ITP qualified) when you joined ICAS. Your certificate will have been sent by recorded delivery to the address you provided. If you have joined in the last two years and have not received your certificate, please contact Central Registry.

If you are coming to the annual Admissions Ceremony, you may choose to receive your certificate at the event, rather than by post. Please contact Central Registry to let us know.

You can order a new membership certificate online. Replacement copies cost £25 and take six to eight weeks to produce. Certificates are proof of joining, but do not prove current membership. If you require proof of membership for a visa application or similar, you will need a letter of Good Standing.

Please contact Central Registry if you require a new ITP certificate. If you require an audit qualification certificate, please contact Education.

Can I get a transcript of my exam results?

If you require a transcript of your exam results, you can purchase one from our education team. This may be released directly to a third party, such as your employer or an embassy with your permission. A transcript of your exam results is not proof of membership, only of qualification.

You can order an academic transcript by completing the form online. Please contact Education if you require further assistance with regards to the academic transcript.

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