How to pay your membership subscriptions and fees

Pay quickly and easily online

Your ICAS membership subscription and fees are due to be paid by 1 January every year. ICAS offers a range of different ways to pay, so you can find the one that suits you.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the easy way to pay.  If you have an eligible UK bank account, you can set up a Direct Debit online today and enjoy peace of mind that your annual subscription will be paid on time, every year, in one convenient annual payment.

You can quickly and easily set up a Direct Debit for your fees here. If you wish to pay by Direct Debit for 2019, please ensure you set this up by 7 December 2018.

Online by debit or credit card

You can use our secure online payment service to pay by credit or debit card after completing your Annual Return.

We accept most major card types, including American Express.

Payment plans

If you are struggling to pay your Annual Subscription fees, ICAS can offer a number of payment plans. Please contact Central Registry for more information about arranging a payment plan with ICAS.

Other payment methods

If you are unable to make payment of your Annual Subscription fees by the secure online payment service, please contact Central Registry for other payment options.

If you receive your Annual Renewal and Renewal Notice by post, you may complete the card details on the back of the form and return it to us. Please note we cannot accept card details which have been sent to us in an email.

Confirmation of payment (renewal receipt)

You will be sent a receipt once you have completed your Annual Renewal and payment is received.

If you pay by Direct Debit, then the payment will be collected on 31 December (or the nearest working day) by GoCardless and the receipt will be issued once ICAS has received and processed your full payment.

If you pay by debit or credit card, you will receive an automatic email to confirm payment by WorldPay and also receive an email from ICAS with a copy of your Annual Renewal receipt once your payment has been processed.

If you arranged some other form of payment with Central Registry, you will need to contact Central Registry. It may take up to 14 days to send you a manual receipt.

Please note that receipts cannot be issued before payment has been made. If the payment was made by your employer under arrangement by ICAS for larger employers, you will not have access to a receipt as this will be with your employer.

Invoices and receipts

ICAS does not issue invoices. ICAS only records the renewal income and issues a receipt once you have decided to renew your membership. You are sent an e-mail in November asking you to complete your Annual Renewal and requesting payment by 1 January 2019. If you complete your Annual Renewal and make payment, ICAS will then generate a receipt. You can then use this receipt as the basis to re-claim this expense from your employer, if permitted. Expense claims should only be made once you have incurred the cost and can then be based on the e-mailed receipt.


There is no VAT charged on ICAS membership fees or regulation fees. Annual membership subscriptions are exempt from VAT and Regulatory fees are outwith the scope of VAT. The VAT registration number and VAT information appears on your receipt.

UK tax relief

Your annual subscription fees should be eligible for UK tax relief as a deduction from employment earnings or business profits. We have worked to ensure the receipt produced from the ICAS website after completion of the online Annual Renewal process is suitable for this purpose.

ICAS is approved for the purposes of section 201 of the Income and Corporation Taxes 1988. Accordingly, the whole of the annual subscription and regulatory fees are allowable for tax purposes, if paid by a member who qualifies under that section.

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