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The value of your ICAS membership goes beyond our reputation or the prestigious letters after your name. We’re here to support you throughout your lifetime as a CA and we look forward to working together with you, wherever that journey may take you.

As a member of ICAS, we will continue to support you with a fantastic range of services and benefits. We’ll inspire you to continue learning throughout your career and no matter where you are, we’ll connect you to like-minded people.

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Introducing ICAS

Find out more about ICAS, including the benefits of membership and how CAs are smashing the accountant stereotypes.

First steps as a member

Make the most of the opportunities available to you as a newly qualified CA, whether you're planning your future career ..

Professional development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important part of keeping your skills up-to-date as a CA. Find out more ..

Goal achievement

Ambition is a trait of many successful CAs, but how do you set realistic goals and make sure you reach them? Read more a..

Career advice

Find resources to help you advance your career, including guidance on how to measure success and how to become more care..