Newly admitted members - October 2016

By Central Registry

21 October 2016

ICAS welcomes 23 new CAs into membership on 21 October 2016

The following members were admitted under the normal student examination route, and may now use the designation CA:

  • Jennifer Beedie CA  (Score Group Plc, Peterhead)
  • Timothy Boorman CA  (Ernst & Young LLP, London)
  • Sarah Chambers ITP  CA  (KPMG Tax Business School, London)
  • Paula Anne Gaffney CA  (Grant Thornton UK LLP, Glasgow)
  • Jordan Gilbert CA  (Ernst & Young LLP, London)
  • Natalie Lauren Jackson CA  (BP plc, Aberdeen)
  • Pareesa Kara CA  (Ernst & Young LLP, London)
  • Rachel Sophie King ITP  CA  (KPMG Tax Business School, London)
  • Mei Lau CA  (Ernst & Young LLP, London)
  • Claire McKenna CA  (KPMG LLP, Edinburgh)
  • Nicholas McMillan CA  (Consilium Accountancy Group Limited, Glasgow)
  • Danielle Marion McPherson CA  (CMM Accountancy (Inverness) Limited, Inverness)
  • Fiona Alecia O'Connell CA  (Ernst & Young LLP, London)
  • Timothy Oliver CA  (Manheim Auctions Limited, Leeds)
  • Tejas Patel ITP  CA  (KPMG Tax Business School, London)
  • Yasmin Rahbari CA  (Ernst & Young LLP, London)
  • Reshma Shah CA  (Ernst & Young LLP, London)
  • Michael Slater CA  (Ernst & Young LLP, Liverpool)
  • Nishad Subramaniam CA  (Ernst & Young LLP, London)
  • Aqsa Tariq CA  (Ernst & Young LLP, London)
  • Colin Thomson CA  (Deloitte LLP, Glasgow)
  • Raphael Thurler CA  (Ernst & Young, Geneva)

The following member was admitted through the reciprocal arrangement on this admission date:

  • Gordon Cardew CA (ICAEW)

ICAS Tax Professionals

The following members have also qualified as ICAS Tax Professionals and may use the designation ITP:

  • Sarah Chambers ITP  CA (KPMG Tax Business School, London)
  • Rachel Sophie King ITP  CA (KPMG Tax Business School, London)
  • Tejas Patel ITP  CA (KPMG Tax Business School, London)

All current, active ICAS Members will appear in our online membership directory, Find a CA. Any further enquiries about the membership status of any CA should be directed to Central Registry.

The next admission date will be 18 November 2016. Applications from Prospective Members must be received in full by 11 November 2016.

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