Genealogy and archive requests

If you are trying to find out more about a relative you think was a member of ICAS, Central Registry can help you begin the search.

Find out if your ancestor was a CA

The ICAS membership database has a record of every member of ICAS, and the three preceding Institutes (Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow). We also have some records held at CA House that we can look at for further information about employment history and residential information. If you would like us to check our records, please contact Central Registry, including as much information as possible about the person you are interested in (such as date of birth, or general location).

We will be able to confirm if the person you are researching was an ICAS member fairly quickly, but requests for more information can take longer for a response.

Please note, we are unable to release information about living members due to Data Protection restrictions. Confirmation of membership for current, active members can be found using our Find a CA members directory.

Accessing our archives

All the historic ICAS records prior to 1990 are now held by the National Archives of Scotland. This includes registers of apprentices, council minutes, photographs, old certificates and much more. You can view a full list of all the files on available from their website.

The ICAS archives are currently held under restricted access. If you would like to view any of our records, you will need to contact Central Registry to arrange permission.

Antiquarian books and directories

As well as our archives at the NAS, the National Library of Scotland holds a complete set of our membership directories, and our collection of Antiquarian Books on accountancy from 1494 to 1930.

The membership directories are held in the general reference library, and can be accessed in the reading rooms using a library card.

If you would like to access some of the antiquarian books, you will need to contact the Rare Books division by telephoning +44 (0)131 623 3899 or by e-mail.

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