Changes of circumstances

Moved house? Moved job? Keeping ICAS up-to-date helps us to provide you with the most relevant information.

As ICAS is a regulatory body, if we are unable to contact you for an extended period of time, you may be removed from membership, so don't forget to tell us if you've moved.

You can update most of your information through your online account or by contacting Central Registry.

Change of home address

All members are required to register a home address with ICAS, so if you have moved house you should let us know as soon as possible, especially if this is your preferred mail address. Contact addresses can be updated on My Profile Hub at any time, or changes can be sent to Central Registry by email.

Change of employment

New job? Congratulations. Please let us know the name and full postal address of your new employer as soon as possible. You may also wish to update your job title and working status.

Changes to work details made online may take several days to show on the system. During the Annual Return period, this may extend to several weeks.

Don't forget to update your work email as well.

Ceased employment

If you've stopped working for any reason, please update your memberhsip profile. Please also let us know your personal email address, if we don't already have it on file. If you are unable to update your information on your profile, please let us know by contacting Central Registry.

Members who are not working are also eligible to apply for a reduced subscription.

Change of name or title

If you've changed your name, please let us know. We don't need you to provide any proof of the change. Where your title has changed (you've got married, or got your doctorate), please also let us know.

Other changes

If there are any other changes we need to make to your record, please let us know by contacting Central Registry.

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