2018 Annual Membership Renewal

Your 2018 Annual Renewal is now live

All members are asked to renew their membership with ICAS and pay their membership fees for 2018 by 1 January 2018.

Please note: Our office will close on 21 December 2017, and will re-open on 3 January 2018. There will be no undue consequences for late submission of your Annual Renewal if you experience any problems during this period.

Exemptions from Annual Renewal

Completion of the Annual Membership Renewal is a regulatory requirement, except for those with a lifetime exemption from CPD.

Those who are fully retired and undertake no professional or business work may apply for an on-going exemption from CPD. Once this application has been approved, the Annual Renewal is no longer a regulatory requirement.

Enable your ICAS benefits

With new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance coming in 2018, ICAS have reset your preferences to opt-out of key members benefits to ensure we comply ahead of the enforcement date.

To prevent any loss of member benefits please take your time to review and enable your community and communication preferences before you complete your renewal.

You will also be able to make changes to your profile and preferences at any time throughout the year via the 'My profile' section on icas.com.

The value of your membership

We value your membership of ICAS and thank you for your continued support for your Institute. By renewing your membership, you help to:

  • Maintain trust in the CA qualification as the ‘gold standard’ - for you and for the next generation.
  • Influence Governments and regulators on behalf of the membership in business and practice.
  • Build the world’s most powerful business network, through ICAS communities, digital channels and a wide range of networking events.
  • Support services and produces which are relevant and valuable to a wide range of members across sectors and around the world.
  • Help ICAS introduce new digital technology which will ensure the Institute remains relevant and sustainable in the future.

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