Membership subscription categories 2019

Annual Subscription fees are due by 1 January each year. Payment of the Annual Subscription fees can be made when the Annual Renewal is made available to members in early November.

Full subscription rates

Full Rate

Members who on 1 January 2019 are under 65 years of age and have an expected annual income* for 2019 greater than the income threshold** set annually by Council. This fee also applies to affiliate members.


Moved countries?

Please update your profile with your new address. If this change impacts your subscription rate we will contact you directly once this change has been processed.

Reduced or waived subscription rates


Applications for reduced subscriptions (calculated at 25% of the full (EU) rate) will be considered from Members who:
- have an expected income on 1 January 2019 that is less than the income threshold* set annually by Council.
- have an income* above this threshold and have exceptional circumstances to be considered.

Special waiver

ICAS may grant a special waiver of subscription fees to members who are in ill health or severe hardship on a discretionary basis.


Eligible for reduced subscription?

Please complete a reduced subscription application form.

*Expected annual income

is defined as ‘any earned income from current employment net of expenses, but without any deduction for taxation’. This does not include pensions, state benefits, the statutory portion of maternity/paternity pay and any student loans/bursaries/stipends.

**The income threshold for 2019 is £18,400.

Over 65s waived subscription rates

Members who on 1 January 2019 are aged 65 years or over have their subscriptions waived, regardless of income.

65+ Waiver - no magazine

Subscription fully waived and member does not wish to receive "The CA" magazine.

65+ Waiver - with magazine

A small subscription is paid to continue receiving "The CA" magazine.


Previous Annual Subscription Rates

The following table shows the membership subscription fees charged for ICAS membership over the last five years.







Full EU Rate







Overseas Rate (members outside the EU)







Reduced Rate










Public Disciplinary Scheme Levy







Any questions?

Please contact us if you need further information, require a copy of your receipt for your 2019 subscription or previous years' payments, or have questions about your subscription rate.

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