Interview with ICAS Foundation Student, Gemma

ICAS Foundation - Helping young people reach their potential

Find out how the generosity of CAs helped ICAS Foundation student Gemma achieve her goal of going to university.

How did you hear about the ICAS Foundation

"I set my heart on going to university and had an ambition to study accountancy.

“I began to research how I could make that happen and I was lucky to find the ICAS Foundation advertised on a university scholarship page.”

What difference has it made to your life?

"The ICAS Foundation has made attending the University of Edinburgh possible by providing the financial support I so desperately needed to relocate from my remote Highland village to Edinburgh.

“A brighter future, which I used to only dream of, is now becoming a reality."

What would your advice be to other students considering a career in accountancy?

"Where there is a will, there is a way. You can make it work. Sure, you cannot magic money or support out of nowhere but there are options. It is just a matter of doing some research and discovering those options.

"Don’t let anything stand in the way of pursuing your dreams. Do not give up. You can become everything you want to be.

A brighter future, which I used to only dream of, is now becoming a reality.

"I would recommend the ICAS Foundation to every single individual whom it might benefit. I have shared with several people how the ICAS Foundation has transformed my life and how it could do the same for them. “

Are you planning on becoming a CA?

"Becoming a CA will help me to achieve my full potential. I recognise that by having the highly regarded CA letters after my name it will open doors globally.

“The knowledge and experience gained through attaining the CA qualification will be priceless.”

Why should CAs help others follow in their footsteps?

"You have the opportunity to reach out a hand, to help aspiring CAs out from their current situations and into a brighter (more promising) future as CAs.

"Small gestures have the power to change lives. We will commit to giving back and helping future generations in the way we were helped.”

The ICAS Foundation

The ICAS Foundation helps young people with excellent academic ability from disadvantaged communities reach their full potential. Your support gives these talented young people the opportunity to achieve their dreams and helps them to overcome the challenges they face going to university and entering a career in accountancy. Donations go towards providing students with essentials like textbooks, food and financial aid.

To make a donation to the ICAS Foundation, or to find out how you can support in other ways, please visit

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The ICAS Foundation is a registered Scottish charity no. SCO34836

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