Brexit Advisory Group

The Brexit Advisory Group has been established to understand members’ concerns, represent their views and interests, and assist them in understanding the impact of key issues on themselves and their organisations.

Scottish tax and pensions tax relief

HMRC has now released its policy on how the pensions tax relief system will cope with the new Scottish tax rates and bands. Justine Riccomini explains what this means for Scottish taxpayers.

Gavin Loudfoot CA: Blog

"From bus stops to black tie dinners, I’ve had a great time touring the UK with Sir Brian Souter and getting involved in his numerous business interests." Gavin Loudfoot CA discusses his President's Apprentice journey.

IFRS 8 Operating segments course

IFRS 8 is the International Financial Reporting Standard that requires companies to give disclosures about their operating segments

Webinars, podcasts and videos

ICAS has a range of online professional development resources for our members that includes content, webinars and video updates

Featured job: Finance Manager - iMultiply

iMultiply have been engaged by Blackwood, an award winning Housing Associatiation, to support in the recruitment of a permanent Finance Manager on a full-time or part-time basis (4 days)

Climate change course

The following presentation will look at the issues associated with climate change, mitigation, adaptation and how to report on your performance on reducing your impact on climate change.

Introduction to investment banking

In this course we review the basic functions of an investment bank and Mergers and Acquisitions or M&A practitioners within an Investment Banking Division (IBD).

Social media online course

The course provides an overview of business development and how to build a practical and realistic social media action plan.

Introduction to treasury mgmt

Besides explaining market terminology and treasury jargon, the course explores the liquidity and risk characteristics of the different instruments involved in managing funding risk, interest rate risk and foreign exchange risk.

Pricing strategies online course

his course will provide you with an introduction to traditional and alternative determinants of price; and help you to consider their applicability to your own business and the role finance function can play in supporting pricing decision making.

Intro to Financial Statements

his course is for those who have a basic understanding of accounts but want to take a deeper dive and look at the primary financial statements in more detail