Keynote Speakers at the Young Leaders Summit

Kate Robertson - OYW

The inaugural ICAS Young Leaders Summit sees speakers from a variety of backgrounds and industries. The day is host to two keynote speakers, Kate Robertson and Holly Tucker. Find out more about them below and how they got to where they are today.

Kate RobertsonKate Robertson

Founder of One Young World 

Kate served as Chairman of the Havas group from 2006 to 2015 and as Global President from 2013. Working mainly in global positions, Kate became convinced of the importance of the roles of global institutions and global businesses in the certainty that what unites people is greater than geographical distance and national distinctions.

Having grown up in apartheid South Africa, Kate's world view is defined by having witnessed the creation of its new way of life. Awed by the leadership of Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Kate believes in the limitless possibilities a sense of shared humanity can create. One Young World is Kate's idea. Inspired by her love for the Olympic movement and its values, One Young World should, in Kate's vision, give young leaders a chance to meet their counterparts from every country in the world and resolve to make the world a better place.

"Most of the really strong leadership you see today is in the corporate sector. Those great professions could be making the difference that counts... Older people like myself have to challenge our norms and say these great professions have a role in fixing up the planet. They can fix the world."

Holly TuckerHolly Tucker MBE

Founder of Holly & Co, Co-Founder of Not on the High Street 

Holly Tucker has many strings to her bow - mother, MBE, founder of Holly & Co, UK Ambassador to Small Creative Businesses, Chief Inspirator and co-founder of But Holly simply sees herself as an imagineer – someone who believes in the impossible and the power of creativity.

"I grew up with the belief that anything is possible and it is something that has never left me. From starting the first town hall craft fair in 2003 in Chiswick my belief in the power of small business has remained a constant driving force throughout my life. After nearly 15 years, my passion only gets stronger and I plan to cheerlead this group of amazing people until I’m a very old lady!"

Holly’s newest venture Holly & Co has been born out of her lifelong passion to champion creative enterprises and support small businesses. After a decade of creating – one of the first marketplaces in the world designed to support small businesses – Holly is continuing her mission to bring colour to grey. Holly & Co is an all-encompassing destination, a home, for Artisans which to aims demystify business, connect like-minded creatives across the world and shine a light on small creative enterprises.

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