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23 March 2019
9.30am concluding by 2pm

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We are delighted to invite newly qualified CAs to celebrate becoming world-class business professionals.

Dedicate the time to stand back and take stock of your fantastic achievement alongside the family and friends who supported you in the journey to becoming a CA. Make a weekend of it and keep the celebration going by enjoying Scotland’s beautiful and historically rich capital.

At the ceremony, you will be welcomed into membership and discover how ICAS can further support you throughout your lifetime as a CA. Hear from ICAS Chief Executive, Bruce Cartwright CA, and ICAS President, Sandy Manson CA, who will also present you with your well-deserved certificate of membership.

Inspiration is never far from the proceedings, and this year we are looking forward to hearing about the experience of Michael Scott CA, the winner of the 2018 One Young CA award. Newly qualified members will also learn about the honour and responsibility that come with joining ICAS. As part of the ceremony, they will take an ethical oath emphasising their professional commitment.

A complimentary drinks reception for all will be held after the certificate-giving ceremony. This is a wonderful time where you can celebrate, not only with your family, friends and fellow CAs, but also with the family and friends of the CAs who you’ve worked and trained alongside.

Register your attendance today to secure your place at the ICAS CA Admission Ceremony 2019.

Be proud of your achievement. Be proud to be a CA.

Additional guests

Newly qualified members can bring two guests to the ceremony free of charge.

When booking, please only add one Newly Qualified Member ticket to your basket. At the checkout, you will be asked how many guests you are bringing (maximum of two). Please be rest assured that although your confirmation email won’t confirm your number of guests, we have recorded your selection and will contact you again before the event with all your tickets.

If you cannot attend…

A celebration drinks reception will be held in London on 4 April for those who cannot attend the CA Admission Ceremony.

If you are unable to attend the CA Admission Ceremony or drinks reception in London, you will receive your certificate of membership via mail.

Essential Information

CA Admission Ceremony essential information

To ensure that you are fully prepared for this special occasion, take the time to read the checklist below:

  1. If you have passed TPE, you will not be able to apply for membership until your training contract has finished and your logbook has been signed off – contact Education Support to find out your Logbook status.
  2. To attend the ceremony, you must make an application for membership. You can do this at any time but to attend the 2019 CA Admission Ceremony you must complete this by midday Friday 1 March 2019 at the latest.
  3. Choose up to two guests who can attend free of charge.
  4. Book your event ticket and travel to Edinburgh International Conference Centre for 23 March. If you are unable to attend the ceremony, alternatively there will be a drinks reception on 4 April at The Deck, National Theatre, London. More information.
  5. Choose a great (formal) outfit, including recognised national dress.
  6. If you require your certificate before the event, please contact Central Registry. If you have already received your certificate, you are welcome to attend the ceremony and receive a ceremonial tube.
  7. Follow ICAS on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram and join in the celebration with the hashtag #ICASclassof2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ICAS Annual CA Admission Ceremony?

The ICAS Annual CA Admission Ceremony is an event where, as a new member, you are welcomed into membership, presented with your certificate, and will take the membership pledge along with your fellow new members.

The ceremony is a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work and level of achievement each newly qualified member has undertaken. It will also help you discover how ICAS can help and support you throughout your lifetime as a CA.

The full programme for the day will be confirmed closer to the date.

If you require your certificate before the event, please contact Central Registry.

Where will the event take place?

The Annual CA Admission Ceremony will be held at the prestigious Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC), Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

When do I become a Chartered Accountant and use the designation CA?

You will become a Chartered Accountant (CA) on the day you are admitted to membership. From that date, you can use the designation CA after your name for as long as you remain a member. Please note, you cannot use the CA designation until you have become a member.

I have just passed my final exam – can I come to the ceremony?

You can only come to the ceremony if you have been admitted to the membership before the day of the event. More information on admission dates and deadlines.

If you have just passed your TPE, you will have a few final things to do to be admitted to membership. You will not be able to apply for membership until your training contract has finished and your logbook has been signed off. If your training contract is complete and you would like to attend the ceremony, please ensure your logbook is submitted as soon as possible for review.

Help! My logbook is still awaiting approval.

You will need to be admitted to the membership before the ceremony. The final admission deadline before the Ceremony is midday Friday 1 March 2019. If your logbook is awaiting approval please contact the Education team to ascertain the status of your Logbook approval.

My logbook has been approved – how do I become a member?

Once you have completed all your educational requirements, you should receive an email from the Education team with your application pack. Please complete the application form and send it to Central Registry. You can make payment for your admission fee and annual subscription over the phone by calling +44(0)131 347 0314 or you can request the bank details by emailing the Central Registry team.

If you have not received an application pack, please contact Education.

What is the deadline to make an application for membership?

To attend the ceremony, you must make an application for membership by midday Friday 1 March 2019. To ensure you are admitted before the ceremony please ensure that we have received your form and payment before midday 1 March 2019.  You will not be able to attend the ceremony unless you have been admitted to membership prior to the event.

I have already received my certificate – what will happen at the ceremony?

If you have already received your certificate, you are welcome to attend the ceremony, where you will still receive a ceremonial tube.

I can’t come to the ceremony. Can I still take part?

For those unable to attend the CA Admission Ceremony on 23 March, there will be an alternative drinks reception held in London’s National Theatre. Read more about this event here.

You can also watch your friends and colleagues receive their certificate from anywhere in the world as the ceremony will be streamed live online.

Join in the celebration on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn with the hashtag #ICASclassof2019.

Can I bring more than two guests?

Unfortunately, due to the size of the venue, we can only guarantee two free places for each newly admitted member. For those who want to invite more than two guests, we will randomly allocate extra tickets providing there is space in the venue. Guests will be contacted about this in due course. For more information, please contact the Member Engagement team.

What is the dress code for the event?

The dress code for the CA Admission Ceremony is formal. You can wear any appropriate formal clothing such as a dark suit, dark jacket & trousers with a white shirt, dark skirt or trousers with a white blouse, or white or dark dress. Recognised national dress (e.g. kilts) are also entirely appropriate.

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