Event: Artificial Intelligence - How new thinking is changing the financial landscape

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25 September 2017
7.30am for 8am start concluding by 9am.
Pratish Sharma

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Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) will have a profound impact on our society over the next 20 years. It’s important to ask ourselves how we are going to use it. Its arrival will bring many positives, and possibly many negatives, such as: military use; rapid disruptive changes in the job market; and new ways of data processing amongst potentially many other areas of life and business as we know it.


This session covers an overview of AI covering a range of information around the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and what its creators envisage for its purpose amongst society in the near future, based on research and analysis. One of the areas of focus includes how the rise of AI could impact financial services and influence how we work and interact in the future.

The session covers:

  • The AI revolution
  • How AI is transforming financial services today
  • Examples of major players in AI today who are implementing disruptive technology
    • Google’s DeepMind
    • IBM Watson in Financial Services
    • Alpha Go: intuitive thinking | beating the world’s best GO player
  • Digitising a business and the potential costs
  • Future job market predictions
  • Bonus topics
    • ‘AI’ in vehicle and transportation technology
    • Sophia: world’s first intelligent robot

Session Duration: 45 mins + 15 mins Q&A.

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Pratish Sharma

Pratish Sharma

Pratish has been providing software courses spanning 3 decades, from the time of the ‘I.T. Boom’. In the late 90s he launched an “Experience I.T.” program for training providers in the Hospitality sector and was subsequently involved in the ‘Millennium Bug Project’ (Y2K... remember that?).

Working with London councils, Pratish has run classroom courses for local communities around the city, and helped many people join or rejoin the workforce who were either changing career, new mothers returning to work, and for those who had faced challenges at home and needed further education.

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