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4 August 2016

ICAS collects student feedback on every course to ensure that you receive the best experience possible while studying your qualification. But does this feedback result in change, and if so, what changes?

We’ve collected your views on tuition, materials, environment and organisation of course, and in 2015 we gathered 3,200 responses from TC, TPS and TPE classes across the UK.

How we scored:

  • Overall standard of tuition: 4.4 out of 5
  • Overall standard of administrative support: 4.21 out of 5
  • Overall satisfaction with the quality of the CA programme: 4.14 out of 5.

(Note: 5 is excellent)

You said, we did


We have made a number of changes in the past twelve months, including beginning work on facilities upgrades to ensure our students can enjoy good levels of rest and comfort in between classes.


The format and content of our joining instructions have been altered to improve clarity for you and your training offices, as well as altering the layout of a number of web pages to improve navigation and understanding. We strongly believe in a clear and simplified journey to qualification, so we have also provided named contacts for all courses, as well as those persons visiting the classes.

Class materials

We’ve introduced clearer timetables that allow more information to be included where possible to help students prepare well for the teaching day.


We’ve moved a large Capital Gains Tax (CGT) TPS module to earlier in the Tax teaching timetable. Evidence has shown that students traditionally struggle with this module, and as such we have moved it earlier in the course to allow you longer to get to grips with this material and practice questions on it.


At TPS, students receive additional materials packs containing a number of exam standard questions to help them with their revision. We have listened to students who requested this material earlier in the course and now plan to give all students at least two full weekends to work on this material prior to their exams.

Digital support

The website has been an area which has generated a considerable level of feedback and we continue to develop and refine the content within the student area based on the feedback we receive.

We listen, and we will act.


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