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By Alex Burden, Student Blog

27 October 2016

How does the CA qualification stack up against the list of top jobs? We looked at the list for 2016 to highlight the number of opportunities open to our students after graduation.

Recruitment firm, Glassdoor, produced the list based on earning potential, mobility, demand for the role, and the number of vacancies; many of the roles feature elements of the CA course, which can set you up for numerous avenues in the world of accountancy and finance.

Interestingly, lawyers and mechanical engineers disappeared from the top 25 jobs, while business development managers rose to the top. The qualification offers the perfect foundation of knowledge to start your own business, as well as assessing risks and opportunities for developing the business’ future.

Finance managers also rose to second place, which is a natural fit for our CAs given the wide range of financial reporting, auditing and tax skills that form part of the syllabus. The job was also commended for its clear routes for progression.

The third top job on the list is Operations Manager, which also chimes well with the multi-skilled CAs you are becoming – the role involves statistical analysis, reporting and being able to control the various ops aspects of a business; your acumen will come in handy for streamlining and assessing all aspects of the company.

At number six and seven on the list are Business Analyst and Commercial Manager; more prime roles for CAs due to their involvement with business issues, anticipating the needs of a business and placing commercial agreements.  

Number nine is Product Manager, looking at developing a product to meet business goals and guarantee return on investment; it’s also great for CAs with a background in the relevant technology or industry looking to merge their experience in different fields.

These are the top 25 in full; how many can you spot that use the skills of a CA?

1. Business Development Manager, Average Base Salary: £40,000

2. Finance Manager, Average Base Salary: £55,000

3. Operations Manager, Average Base Salary: £45,000

4. HR Manager, Average Base Salary: £50,000

5. Marketing Manager, Average Base Salary: £45,000

6. Business Analyst, Average Base Salary: £41,000

7. Commercial Manager, Average Base Salary: £57,000

8. Project Manager, Average Base Salary: £45,675

9. Product Manager, Average Base Salary: £54,000

10. Software Engineer, Average Base Salary: £40,000

11. Marketing Analyst, Average Base Salary: £30,225

12. Account Manager, Average Base Salary: £35,000

13. Recruiting manager, Average base salary: £43,000

14: Recruitment consultant, Average base salary: £22,000

15. Solutions architect, Average base salary: £63,500

16. Sales manager, Average base salary: £37,500

17. Brand manager, Average base salary: £45,000

18. Accountant, Average base salary: £32,000

19. Business development executive, Average base salary: £25,000

20. Consultant, Average base salary: £41,700

21. Talent acquisition specialist, Average base salary: £40,000

22. Design engineer, Average base salary: £33,813

23. Service manager, Average base salary: £43,315

24. Trader, Average base salary: £50,000

25. Personal assistant, Average base salary: £28,000


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