When students should ask for help

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The pace is fast and the subject matter complex when you’re training to be a CA. It would not be surprising if you felt overwhelmed or stressed from time to time during your course, but you should always ask for help.

ICAS expects a lot of our students and for good reason: this is professional training at the very highest standard.

However, if you feel you’re struggling, there are a few steps you can take to get back on track.

Firstly, re-read the material and have a look at the modules on myCABLE on the topic. If it is something in your assumed knowledge, go and check where your gaps might be and try to fill them.

If you are finding things tricky we really want you to tell us rather than suffering in silence.

Have a look at on the education pages of the ICAS website to see if there’s an explanation or some other helpful information. It’s quite likely that others struggled at a similar stage. There is also general information in the CA Student Handbook.

If you’re still not clear about something, ask your colleagues and have a look at the myCABLE discussion boards. Post your question there and either a fellow student or a lecturer will answer you.

Finally, if you still need more help, talk to your course tutor. You can also discuss it with your manager or nominated Training Principal at your firm.

Contact us sooner rather than later

Our main piece of advice is not to let the situation get worse. While you may well be able to find the solution yourself, don’t assume things will be fine.

One of our tutors advises: “If you are finding things tricky we really want you to tell us rather than suffering in silence.

“If you still don’t understand something having looked at it, tried questions on it, looked at it again and talked to someone else about it, then it’s time to seek help.

“It’s far better for students to ask questions early as material builds on what comes before and potentially a student could get swamped by everything.”


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