What you need to know about TPS exams

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By Lauren O'Brien, TPS Level Controller

14 August 2017

If you attended TPS classes in 2016 but are sitting TPS exams in 2017 (either through exam failure or exam deferral) then this is what you need to know. 

All of the TPS 2017 exams will examine the TPS 2017 syllabus. The notes you received in class, therefore, need to be updated to the new 2017 syllabus, and if you haven’t done this yet you need to do it as soon as possible.

We have provided TPS update packs: these take you through the main changes to each subject, allowing you to easily update your notes from 2016 to 2017.

Should you wish to start from scratch, we’ve also made the full set of 2017 modules, slides and WSEs available, but our recommendation is that you use the update packs instead to bring your existing 2016 notes up to date. 

An important task

The supplementary material for each subject needs to be reprinted for 2017. You will not be allowed to take a 2016 (or prior) version of the supplementary material into the exams with you. The 2017 versions can be accessed and printed now.

If you would like to know what has actually changed in each subject for 2017, then over May 2017, each of the TPS subject controllers will be giving their insight into the main changes – stay tuned to the blog for this information, and of course, best of luck with your exams!


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