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By Eleanor O'Neill, Student Blog

10 September 2018

We round up some of the benefits that come from being an ICAS member after you qualify.

Global reach and recognition

ICAS is a leading voice in the development and promotion of the profession across the globe and CAs are regarded worldwide as possessing a level of excellence that is unique to the ICAS membership.

Your ambition has no borders and neither should the CA designation. As a member of ICAS, you become a part of both the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) and Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW).

Reciprocity agreements allow CAs to join institutes in other countries and have access to the same professional support that local accountants receive.

The world's most powerful business network

CAs work in numerous sectors and professions around the world. There are over 21,000 ICAS members promoting the qualification in more than 100 countries, through innovation at the forefront of business, finance and industry.

Young professionals and those looking to step up in the industry can especially benefit from our range of mentoring programmes, designed to aid you at any stage of your career.

The ICAS Career Mentoring Programme creates conversations between mentors and mentees on a virtual global scale. Business mentors are also available to help your ventures develop and grow.

Exclusive events and insights

ICAS has a widely varied events programme tailored to the topics and themes that are important to CAs. Speakers include members from all walks of life and leading professionals who can offer guidance, advice and perspective on career progression and current events.

Our flagship Insights series examines the impact of politics and disruptive innovations in the worlds of business and finance with an expert point of view. Annual conferences also provide ample opportunity to network with your peers and hear from industry leaders.

The latest news and resources

ICAS.com is an invaluable digital resource for CAs with news, research and technical updates that are exclusive to the membership.

CA Today keeps you up-to-date with what you need to know, including a daily news brief email and regular high-quality content. It features the latest news and events that hold significance for CAs, along with commentary from the ICAS pool of experts. We also have a range of five digital magazines, including CA Tax, CA North America, CA Financial Services, CA Australia and CA Practice. You can sign up to have our Digital Intelligence products delivered straight to your inbox in a few simple steps.

Policy leadership resources include impactful research projects, guidance on policy and regulation updates, in-depth analysis of specialist issues and industry-leading consultations.

Every ICAS member is also entitled to a subscription for The CA magazine, the premium publication tailored to the profession.

Countless development opportunities

Professional development is an integral part of what ICAS can do for members. Through in-house training and partnerships with outside bodies, we offer an array of courses and learning opportunities for CAs to continuously develop their skills and expertise.

There are many different options for local events, online resources and specialist qualifications and programmes.

Lifelong support

ICAS is dedicated to helping members at every stage of their careers and lives. From training, through your professional ascent and your eventual retirement, our job is to be there for you. Our network of dedicated communities include financial services, insolvency, tax, business, and practice.

We seek to support and reward you in your achievements with initiatives like the Top 100 Young CAs list, One Young CA award and Gold Club membership.

Beyond that, CAs can also rely on us in times of professional and personal need, with experts always on hand to offer advice and the Scottish Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association (SCABA) ready to support CAs and their dependants should the need arise.

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