Wellness at your fingertips: 5 apps for CA students

Wellness app
By Eleanor O'Neill, Student Blog

7 May 2018

Hectic schedules, looming deadlines and commitments outside of work and class can leave little time to worry about yourself and the toll day-to-day life might be taking. If you find yourself sleeping less, eating takeout more, or feeling anxious on a regular basis, some of these apps might be worth a try.

A stressful lifestyle or unhealthy habits can lead to longer-term issues if left unchecked, so put some time aside to concentrate on your state of wellness, whether that's physical / mental health or life management.

Headspace (iOS, Android)

Meditation promotes focus, a better attention span and an overall healthier mindset. Though it can be hard to get the hang of on your own, this app acts as a teacher and guide. Practice a little mindfulness every day with bitesize calming exercises delivered right through your headphones.

Free for download on Apple and Android devices (with in-app purchases).

8fit (iOS, Android)

Get a grip of your lifestyle choices with this tracker for workout routines and meal plans. Complete with healthy recipes and customised High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions, this app is a one-stop guide to organised fitness for those with a lot on their plate.

Free for download on Apple and Android devices (with in-app purchases).

Sleep Cycle (iOS, Android)

Better sleep means happier mornings and all-around more productive days. This app analyses your sleeping habits and adapts to wake you up naturally while in the lightest part of your REM cycle. If your alarm clock is your worst enemy, it's definitely worth a try.

Free for download on Apple and Android devices (with in-app purchases).

iHomework (iOS)

Monitor deadlines, keep track of ongoing assignments and record your progress through the CA qualification with this app. Incorporating a deadline planner, tutor contact list, and grade measuring tool, it has everything you need to keep on top of your studies.

Free for download on Apple devices (with in-app purchases).

Caffeine TrackerCaffiend (Android / iOS)

Ever feel like you drink too much coffee? Are you using caffeinated drink as a crutch? Caffeine Tracker lets you measure how much caffeine you put in your system on a daily basis and how long it takes to metabolise. It may be the push you need to cut back or figure out why your energy slumps at certain times of the day.

£0.89 to download on Android devices.

Performing many of the same function on Apple devices, Caffiend also links into Health.app.

£0.99 to download on Apple devices.


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