Valentine's Day for student CAs

Red Rose

Unless you’re studying to be a CA, when your tutors are quite likely to insist that you’re too busy for any Valentine’s nonsense, this is the season for love and romance.

To celebrate the season of passion in its own inimitable style, CA Magazine has produced a ‘Valentine’s in numbers’ infographic.

Valentine's Day in numbers

Among its scintillating statistics is the news that 21million red roses will be sold in the UK over the period and that a little over a quarter of Britons expect to go out for a romantic meal.

And if those fun-filled facts aren’t impressive enough to impress the object of your attention, take heart, accountants are one of the most attractive professions for singles seeking to settle down. So your job alone might help.

Accountants make great partners

A survey carried out by internet matchmaking service Parship found that accountants are among the top three most-wanted professions for a partner. The other two were teachers and medics.

Psychiatrist and dating expert for Parship Dr Victoria Lukats said: “Of course the idea of travelling around the world - the adventure and the passion - sounds exciting. But, in practice, people have mortgages to pay, their job and their career to think about.

To be professionally qualified, you will have passed the intelligence test, a trait that is highly rated on the dating scene.

“You can’t say accountants are all the same. But one thing you can say is that to be professionally qualified, you will have passed the intelligence test, a trait that is highly rated on the dating scene.”

However, even if you’re already spoken for and have settled down with the person of your dreams, there is no room for complacency.

But don't take love for granted

Another survey, by a dating agency for married people, found that accountants were most likely to be cheated on by their wives. A survey of the female customers who signed up to find some romance on the side revealed that 13% were married to accountants.

They complained that the spark had gone out, things had become routine and their spouses didn’t pay them special attention.

Somewhat ironically, the accountants’ cheating wives explained that the fact their husband was ‘ethical and played by the rules’ was one of the main reasons they chose him in the first place

Therefore, despite the amount of studying some of you should be doing, the best thing that you can be doing this Valentine’s Day is to pay attention to your other half and make sure they feel special – possibly by buying a share of those 21 million roses.


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