Tutor tip to turn unanswered questions into a learning tool

Fiona Winter By Education Director and Tutor Fiona Winter

16 February 2016

Education director and tutor Fiona Winter shares one of her top tips for ICAS students at every level.

The pace of learning at this professional level is pretty fast. Tutors have a huge amount of material to cover in class and complex topics can be covered at high speed.

In many cases, there’s an expectation of assumed knowledge and little time right then to cover old ground. Therefore, it’s not unusual for students to find themselves with questions they need answers for and no opportunity to ask during class time.

It’s very common and nothing to worry about. However, I would suggest you don’t ignore these questions. Instead, use them as a learning point and something to measure your progress by.

In time, you will build up your own personal resource that will be invaluable at revision time.

I would recommend you get yourself a hardback notebook when you start your course. Every time something arises that you don’t understand or you have a question about, write it down. Give each question a new page.

There is a range of ways to find the answers to your questions: Reading your course material; finding it on myCABLE; learning it from a fellow student; discovering it further on in the course; in your previous course notes; or by asking your tutor. Many times you will answer your own question as you continue the course.

Once you have your answer or explanation, write it in the notebook under the question. This process will help you retain it. If you haven't answered the question yourself, use your notebook to either pose your remaining questions on a myCABLE discussion board or to meet with a tutor

In time, you will build up your own personal resource that will be invaluable at revision time. It will also serve as a very satisfying piece of evidence of your learning – and on the days when it seems like a bit of a struggle, it’s proof that you’re making progress.


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