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By Matt Gorrie, Lecturer

11 July 2016

Introducing lecturer Matt Gorrie; why the CA qualification is the Gold Standard and what doors it can open.

Love business, hate long equations?

I studied Modern History at University; when I left school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do! I enjoyed history at school so decided to do a degree in a subject that I enjoyed and hope I would get a clearer idea of what I wanted to do.

It was then that I did Economics as an additional subject in the first and second year; I liked the ideas behind understanding how companies and business worked, but I wasn’t particularly enamoured with the page-long equations!

I was therefore looking for a career path that allowed me to develop my interest in business, but without being too equation-based. I applied for a summer internship with a number of firms and was lucky enough to gain one with Johnston Carmichael. I thoroughly enjoyed the summer and was happy to be offered a training contract at the end.

When I was studying I thought of the CA qualification like a degree, but it’s not – you’re joining a professional community.

When I was considering being an accountant I soon found out that the ICAS qualification was the ‘Gold Standard’ of accounting qualifications. I was impressed by the number of business and political leaders who had the qualification and really wanted the ability to follow in their footsteps.

CA qualification always opening doors

The CA qualification has opened many doors for me; having worked for a number of organisations, the one constant is that the CA qualification is a respected route into so many areas. The opportunities I have had to work in so many different places, and with such a wide variety of people would not have happened had I not held the CA qualification.

When I was studying I thought of the CA qualification like a degree, but it’s not – you’re joining a professional community. In this community you have the chance to meet and make professional contact with members in all walks of life; this opens up so many doors that I didn't realise were possible.

Joining ICAS

Throughout my career I’ve always had an interest in helping students develop and grow; one day I saw an advert on the ICAS website to become an ICAS lecturer. I was unsure at first but after a few discussions with some of the other staff it seemed an absolutely ideal job and I was delighted to be asked to join. 

I’ve always had an interest in charities and helping people; if I wasn’t teaching at ICAS I would have enjoyed working in a financial role within a charity or not-for-profit organisation.

When not at ICAS

Outside of the classroom I’m a keen runner. I also enjoy reading, cinema and good food! In fact, I can cook a really excellent curry!

Advice for students

This industry is all about people; while you’re training, try and get to know as many people as possible, from clients to other students. I’ve developed and learned so much from the people who I’ve met throughout my career, and you can too.


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