Tutor profile Amit Matta BPP offers advice and talks about his career

Amit Matta By Amit Matta, ICAS tutor at BPP

19 February 2016

Amit Matta, tutor in professional qualifications with BPP, explains what’s so good about being a CA and how he enjoys helping students on their way to a career with limitless potential.

He said: “Being a qualified accountant will take you places. But be prepared to work hard (and smart) and never give up on your dreams. The CA qualification provides you with the knowledge and tools for understanding the commercial side of business - from setting long-term strategies to performance management and reporting.

“The qualification is well-respected and rewarding and opens great opportunities in today’s global business environment. A CA today is no longer just an accounting person rather a business partner involved in all areas of running a global business.”

In order to reach their full potential, he advises students to be clear about their targets and to keep focussed on working towards them.

His own move towards reaching his goal of being a teacher began as a student when he helped his friends to tackle their economics and accountancy resits. “I felt incredible joy and satisfaction helping others understand a concept and get results they wanted. While I spent eight years in forensic accounting after qualifying as a chartered accountant, I always wanted to get into teaching in my heart. Teaching is a very positive career,” he said.

A CA today is no longer just an accounting person rather a business partner involved in all areas of running a global business

However, before returning to teaching, Amit trained in audit for three years with A. F. Ferguson (member firm of Deloitte in India). Once qualified he worked in financial services for a year before working in forensic accounting for the next eight. His employers included JP Morgan Chase, KPMG, Grant Thornton and Crowe Clark Whitehill. Finally, four years ago he joined BPP.

At BPP Professional Education, he teaches management accounting and financial management. Besides teaching, he marks mock scripts, presents at student inductions for key clients, and is involved with business development and subject management.

Here, he finds job satisfaction in “a combination of imparting knowledge from a well-recognised professional qualification to teaching bright students eager to learn on their journey towards a dynamic career”.

He added: “I enjoy the blend of teaching in a professional environment with humanistic support towards achieving a competitive goal. The need to adapt to the dynamics of different class group environments makes my job anything but boring.”


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