The Trump trigger app is here

Trader algorithms at work
By Alex Burden, Student Blog

19 January 2017

An app that contacts you every time President-Elect Trump tweets on your stock holdings? The future of contextual notifications for everyday investors is about to change with ‘Trump triggers’.

The pound value fell sharply shortly after Brexit, demonstrating the power of politics over the economy, without enacting any policies. It’s in this spirit that finance app Trigger has built special ‘Trump’ alerts for those looking to spend or sell on the stock market.

Every day sees the arrival of a different Trump-bashing story as the crescendo builds towards his inauguration: when it’s not Russian hacking stories, unverifiable claims, or accusations of nepotism, it’s amending algorithms so that investors can control their stocks against Trump soundbites.

The free iPhone app allows you to set ‘triggers’ that will inform your investor decisions using an ‘if this then that’ formula, such as setting rates for buying stock when it reaches high or low.

The app is an excellent way to keep track of your investment opportunities (or failures) without relentless checks on the stock market, and will even send an alert when your conditions are met.

Monikered ‘Trump Triggers’, the app will notify you when President-Elect Trump tweets about a publicly-traded stock, such as Toyota, who saw $1.2 billion wiped from their value after this single tweet:

Further misleading tweets about General Motors (1% drop), Boeing ($1bn loss), and even department store Macy’s, a company that Trump has been feuding with since 2015, when they pulled his clothing line from their shop-floor after inflammatory comments about Mexicans.

He tweeted that the general public should stop shopping at Macy’s and started the #BoycottMacys hashtag to drive support away – the store has now announced 10,000 job cuts.

It’s not clear whether there is a direct correlation between their feud and the falling stock prices, but there is a definitive pattern between his social media posts and fluttering in prices.

The power of his tweets to damage businesses and their stock value has caused investors to sit up and take notice, and for those who do not benefit from existing political risk parameters used by professional investors, traders and hedge funds on Wall Street, the everyday trader and brokers can now take advantage of this trigger.

The Trigger team stated that the app addition is the first in a new direction for the company, stepping away from just using price-based data and connecting values to world events. We might expect to see more trigger alerts based on world political events in the coming years, and adding a greater contextual basis to would-be investments.


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