Class Timetables 2019

Class Timetables 2019

Please note: Students will be updated with their personal timetable at least one week before classes commence.

Test of Competence

Note: This TC Block timetable is for the Scottish classes starting on 9 September 2019. It outlines the classroom weeks in block 1 and 2, the online study period between these blocks, the unstructured revision week and the exam week. Further information on the daily subject content will be released in the near future.

2019 TC Block Timetable

Test of Professional Skills

Note: A reminder that where a student attends ‘course 1’ for FR/Tax then we need to enrol that student on ‘course 1’ for AFin/ABS.

2019 TPS Block Timetable

Test of Professional Expertise

2019 TPE Block Timetable


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