Train ICAS Chartered Accountants (CAs)

Train Chartered Accountants. Professional Qualifications with ICAS

As the CA qualification combines professional study with practical, relevant work experience, trainees must hold and complete a training contract in the UK with one of our ICAS Authorised Training Office's (ATO) – an organisation that has been authorised by ICAS in conjunction with providing the CA qualification.

It’s straightforward and free to become an ICAS Authorised Training Office and organisations of all sizes and industry can train the CA qualification. From Practice, Industry or Public Sector, all that’s required is demonstrating that your organisation can meet the training objectives.

By offering the CA qualification in your UK office, you will be able to attract outstanding talent and equip your business with the expertise needed to succeed. Find out more about the advantages of becoming an ATO by downloading our ‘CA Education’ brochures.

Once you’ve expressed your interest in becoming an ATO using the short form below, we’ll be in touch to guide you through the process.

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