What you need to know about TPE exams

Questions on student exams
By Hayley Reid, Examinations Manager

5 November 2018

We speak to the Examinations Manager, Hayley Reid, about the most common questions related to the TPE exam, including what you should take into the exam, appropriate ID, and how you will receive your exam results.

Where is my exam?

Exam location, timings and candidate numbers can be found on your candidate instructions, these are emailed approximately two weeks before the exam to your preferred mail box.

What do I need to take to my exam?

  • Candidate instructions (this can be printed out or on your mobile phone)
  • ID – see below for more guidance on permitted ID
  • A fully-charged laptop
  • Correct laptop power cable
  • Any permitted material. TPE is open book.

What ID do I need to take to my exam?

Current photographic identification (e.g. passport, driver’s license with photograph).

What time do I need to be at the exam venue?

Candidates can get access to the exam hall to set up 30 minutes prior to the exam start time.

How should I set up my TPE response?

Your response should include your candidate number in the header, and in the footer, you should show the page number in the format “Page X of Y”. You should ensure you have this checked and set up well in advance of the exam day.

Can I email my TPE exam response from my personal email?

Yes, you do not need to use your registered email address. Please note however you are not permitted to leave the exam hall until you have received an acknowledgement from ICAS.

How do I submit my response?

You submit your response via Turnitin. Check you have access to Turnitin to submit your TPE exam response. You should be familiar with the system from your TPE mocks.

If you are a resit student and haven’t signed up to Turnitin or submitted a test document contact educationsupport@icas.com. Remember that because of using Turnitin, all candidates are now only permitted to submit one MS Word document.

This means if you are using Excel for any analysis / workings, this must be imported into Word prior to submission. Alternatively, you may choose to add a table as a spreadsheet and work directly in Word. Further guidance on this is provided in the TPE Laptop.

If I don’t receive a response acknowledgement within five minutes should I resend?

You should only make one submission. Validation of exam responses can take up to 45 minutes. If after 45 minutes you have not received a response, inform the ICAS invigilators.

Can I take an external mouse into the exam will me?

Yes, provided it does not need its own power source.

How will I receive my exam results?

Results will only be issued to the email address that you have provided to ICAS as your contact email address.

Can I change the email address my results are sent to?

Due to Data Protection guidelines to be followed with the issue of exam results, please ensure that you have provided us with the e-mail address you wish the results to be sent to. No results can be issued via telephone.

If you would like to update the contact e-mail address that you have provided, please log in and update your email address at least seven days before results are due to be issued.


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