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CABLE is the online learning tool designed to guide you through course material. Nena and Roddy from the ICAS CABLE team bring you their top tips for getting the most from this great resource.

How should you use it?

Each of the module pages on CABLE contains resources to help with your studies. You’ll find everything from PDF versions of your notes, audio guides, quizzes and tests, as well as handy module guides.

To access the module guides you’ll see a ‘launch guide’ link under the ‘ready to begin’ heading.

CABLE Screenshot

The module guides provide a useful ‘walk through’ of your paper notes, using a combination of slides with accompanying audio from the tutor team. You’ll also find video clips as well as interactive quizzes and tests. We recommend you use these to check your understanding of the material and also as a revision tool.

The guides are on hand for you 24/7, and can be accessed as many times as you like – great for the more difficult sections of the course!

You can mark modules as 'complete’ once you feel you have covered the material and have a good understanding of the topics covered.

How do you get started?

Take a look at this short video to find out how CABLE works, and how to access your online materials.

Five ways to get more from CABLE

1. Check the news page

One of the key ways we’ll communicate information to you is via news articles. You can see the two most recent news articles on the home page, but for a full list don’t forget to check the news page on the left-hand menu.

CABlE News Page Screenshot

2. Use the notification panel

When you log into CABLE you’ll see three notification icons right at the top of the screen. These highlight new information that’s relevant to you. From left to right is: task / calendar reminders, followed by messages (such as news items or communications from your tutor), and then notifications (such as new forum posts).

CABLE Notification Panel Screenshot

3. If you get stuck check the Help & FAQ pages

Lots of the things we get asked about here at the CABLE helpdesk are answered on the help and FAQ page. Before you pick up the phone have a quick look here: FAQs are on the left-hand menu.

CABLE FAQ Page Screenshot

4. Use the calendar to plan your workload

CABLE also has a handy calendar which lets you set your own targets by date. Again, you can find it on the left-hand menu. Although we may put some important dates in your calendar, this is a tool you can use to plan your time effectively.

CABLE Calender Screenshot

5. Get in touch

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the CABLE team. We’re here to help!

The discussion board should be your first port of call if you have a question about the material. By posting your question here, the tutors and your fellow students can reply and assist you. Even if you don’t post on the board, it’s a good idea to check the board regularly for information that can help you.

If you have a question related to a progress test or mock, please post these to your tutor via the ‘tutor contact’ function, as not all students on the discussion boards will sit these at the same time.

The discussion boards should be used for all technical topics, and you’ll be referred to these if you post a technical question directly to a tutor, or if you email a tutor.

If you post a technical question directly to a tutor or email your tutor, they may re-direct you to the discussion board.

CABLE Discussion Board


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