Top study tips: Part two

Study Tips Part 2

Part two of our popular study tips features ICAS and BPP tutors sharing their advice to get the maximum reward from your study time.

Read questions carefully

Make sure you read each question to identify what has already been done – they won’t all begin from the same starting point. For example in Financial Accounting questions, some may have already calculated the depreciation for the year so you don’t have to. Similarly, the question may have posted Dr bank and Cr suspense, so you don’t need to Dr bank again!

Sarah Merret, BPP tutor.

Make good use of both the class and the revision resources

It doesn’t matter what level of ICAS exams you are studying for – there will be additional revision resources made available to you close to the exam.

  • At TC you will get a sample paper and a revision pack for each subject.
  • At TPS you will get an additional materials pack, containing a further 30+ exam standard questions for each subject, and access to the most recent two past papers.
  • At TPE you will get four additional past paper case studies.

The revision resources are designed to be used in the latter, revision, stages of the course. These questions are exam standard, and at TPS they might well examine more than one module in the same question (more realistic for TPS exams - the WSEs tend to test just one module at a time.)

Lauren O’Brien, TPS Level Controller and Subject Controller Business Management, ICAS.

Get to grips with workshop exercises early

The workshop exercises (WSEs) are designed to develop your knowledge and will normally include questions with a varying degree of difficulty. These WSE questions are designed to be completed during the teaching period. As motivation, by attempting the WSEs during the teaching period you will be much better prepared for your progress tests and mock exams throughout the course!

The best approach for any ICAS TC and TPS exam is to attempt as many of the WSEs before the revision period as possible. Then during the revision period itself, it means you can focus on the additional exam standard revision questions – ideally completing them under exam conditions when you can.

Lauren O’Brien, TPS Level Controller and Subject Controller Business Management, ICAS.

Don’t get your figures wrong

With Financial Accounting and Principles of Tax TC papers, the numbers in the accounts preparation and tax calculations are either right or wrong. Take your time and make sure you write figures accurately. You don’t want to lose marks because you wrote £12,725 not £12,275.

In Financial Accounting, remember that all of the adjustments have a debit or a credit, so after you have worked out, say, the depreciation, don’t forget once you have reduced the asset to add it onto the relevant expense line.

Sarah Merrett, BPP tutor.

Use the module summaries

Remember that the modules contain good summaries – use them as a starting point for your own study. You don’t have enough time to write out all your own notes for each module for each subject. Reading the summaries will save you time which can be spent on question practice. The summaries can be expanded with any additional points you would like to include to help your study.

Catherine Devaney, TPE Level Controller, ICAS.


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