Top podcasts for trainee CAs to listen to


For those of you in the thick of it, it may feel like every available moment is filled with ICAS studying, exercises, questions and revision.

However, there may be an untapped opportunity to squeeze in more accountancy-based material – via your ears. Listening to podcasts means you can keep up to date with relevant topics while you commute, walk the dog or take your daily exercise.

While we’re (partly) joking about round-the-clock ICAS emersion, listening to podcasts or recordings of course material can be an excellent way to consolidate your studies. This is particularly true for those who have identified as auditory learners.

Here is our pick of podcasts that might help you keep up to date and give you another view of the topics that may come up in your courses.

Money Box

The BBC Radio 4’s flagship personal finance show covers a wide range of news and advice. The focus is on personal finance, but topics such as changes in tax legislation and the impact of the budget get intelligently debated.

FT Money Show

The FT Money Show brings lively coverage of the week’s major personal finance issues. Clear Barrett and her FT colleagues dissect the news along with industry commentators. It’s related to personal finance, but the major issues get an airing and you’ll gain a perspective.

IFAC Accountancy Podcast

These podcasts provide detailed and specific information about new standards and other issues that concern the International Federation of Accountants. Complex issues get an in-depth explanation.

Accountancy Best Practice

This podcast features American Steve Bragg. It is nothing if not comprehensive, covering all of the core principals in hundreds of episodes. It is aimed at an American audience, but many of the basics are the same.


While not, strictly speaking, a podcast, listening to your modules while you go about your business may help you commit it to memory.


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