Top five apps for CA students

Apps for CA students
By Alex Burden and Stef Scott, Student Blog

12 October 2017

We round up the best five apps for CA students - from apps that help you stay focused while studying, to a handy guide to accounting terms.

You can bet that the majority of CA students have a smartphone or a tablet device, but did you know that there are lots of apps which could streamline your life? We’ve done the research for you and created our list of the top five student apps. 

1. StayFocusd

This Chrome browser add-on aims to help your productivity by restricting the amount of time that you can spend on ‘time-wasting’ website. No more frequent forays into Facebook or checking the latest news bulletins every half hour. 

You can pick which sites you would like to block, or even specific content on a page (great for removing series spoilers?). As a Google add-on, you can also use Sync to transmit your settings to other devices or computers with your account.

2. GoConqr

Away from home and the office, but have cornered some prime-time study slots? The GoConqr apps allow you to sync your desktop resources with your tablet or mobile. You can also access your own Flashcards to memorise key facts and data, or build your own learning group with fellow CA Students. The MindMaps feature is also great for your training office work – you can create your own mind maps that connect information around a central subject or project.

3. 1Password

It’s likely that you’ll have rather a lot of passwords you need to remember – not just your personal ones, but work-related ones for various systems, documents and spreadsheets as well. To prevent you using the same password for everything, 1Password is an app which keeps all your passwords safe and your data secure.

All you need to remember is one master password and you’re good to go. The app will also help you create a strong password which isn’t ‘password’, your birthday or anniversaries.

4. HP 12c Financial Calculator (iPhone/iPad only)

There are lots of different calculator apps available but the HP 12c Financial Calculator app is voted as one of the best on the market for budding accountants and finance professionals. Why? Well, the traditional HP 12c financial calculator is the industry tool of choice for many accountants and this app reflects the calculator’s layout to a tee, right down to the original gold-brown, orange colour scheme of the original calculator. 

In portrait mode, the app shows the full range of mathematical calculator functions. Switching to vertical mode gives you a simplified basic RPN or algebraic calculator.

For Android users we recommend:

RealCalc Scientific Calculator (Android)

Designed to look like a real scientific calculator, this app features memories, unit conversions and constants, as well as supporting binary, octal, and hexadecimal calculations. There's even a help feature if you get stuck.
* Samsung multi-window support with drag & drop.

Tip: These might be helpful in preparation for your exams but ensure that you have practiced using the actual calculator you are taking into the exam (any non-mains calculator, we recommend the Casio Fx range).

5. Financial Dictionary by Farlex

This dictionary gives you more than 26,000 financial and business definitions related to investing, financial analysis, banking, taxes, insurances, macroeconomics and more, all at your fingertips. Around 20,0000 of these entries are available offline, so you’re not dependent on an internet connection.

Tell us what we’ve missed

Have we missed out one of your favourites? If you know of a good app that’s helped you in your CA studies tweet us @ICAS_students or email and we’ll spread the word.


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