Three ways to plan for studying and working at home

Work at home
By Eleanor O'Neill, Student Blog

25 February 2019

myCABLE days and flexible working policies can mean you get to stay at home to work. On paper it sounds great - no dress code, early commute or unfulfilling sandwich at lunchtime - but how do you stay focused outside of a class or office environment?

Remote working is a popular option for many workers. However, it can take some getting used to - here are our top tips for maintaining a professional work ethic anywhere.

1. Schedule your day

Block out your time to reflect a normal working day. Start in the morning, break for lunch, and finish in time for dinner. If you are studying, allocate the time you think you should need to each subject or task. Modules on myCABLE have an estimated timing that you can use as a guide.

Sticking to the hours you give yourself will not only help keep you on task but encourage you to step away when you should.

Working from home: Schedule your day

2. Know what you want to achieve

Are you taking a day to catch up on that project? Do you have workshops due? Are there meetings you need to dial into?

Set your goals for a productive day and tick them off one by one. A day away from sit-in meetings and ad hoc requests from visitors to your desk can be a great opportunity to clear a backlog of work without distractions. Let your manager know what your priorities for the day will be so you don't get pulled away by emails or extra work.

Working from home: Know what you want to achieve

3. Avoid other tasks

It may be tempting to use the time at home to do that pile of laundry or have your mum over for a cup of tea, but it can be all too easy to slip from a working day mentality to effectively taking a day off. Most things can wait until after you have achieved your goals and beat those deadlines.

In short, if you can't fit it into your lunch hour, don't do it until the work is done.

Working from home: Avoid other tasks


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