Infographic: The ABC of TPS pre-course work

21 January 2019

Our guide to what you need to do before commencing TPS - in a few simple steps!

There’s no getting away from the fact that you have quite a lot of work to tackle before you even get to the classroom. However, if you follow our three simple steps you’ll be able to organise your work and be prepared for your course.

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Get an early start

ABC of TPS Pre-Course Work part A

Most students will have an average of 50 hours* work to do in each pre-course phase.

It sounds daunting, but how you approach it is up to you. It could be three whole weekends, a day each weekend and one evening, or an hour or so a day. What’s important is to accept that there are no shortcuts and it is better to break the work down into achievable units.

The good news is that you aren’t alone. There is a lot of support in place to help you through this stage.

We have a pre-course timetable (emailed to you around 8 weeks before your course starts), the CA Student Blog and myCABLE. Please don't hesitate to use them; it's all here to help!

Assumed knowledge

ABC of TPS Pre-Course Work part B

Before moving on to the next stage of your CA qualification, it’s crucial that you have a rock-solid understanding and knowledge of the TC syllabus. You won’t be able to build your TPS studies without it, and you can be examined at TPS on everything you covered at TC.

You need to pass the TOAK (Test of Assumed Knowledge) by a minimum of 80% before you can get to grips with the new material.

However, we have a range of resources and tools to help you with this vital revision on myCABLE. These include guides and quizzes.

New TPS material

ABC of TPS Pre-Course Work part C

There’s a chunk of new subject matter for TPS to digest fully before you can start the classes. This won’t be taught in class, but it could come up in your exam.

This material is available to you as online learning modules on myCABLE.

If you work through them in a systematic manner then you will have no problem passing the pre-course test (PCT) with the required mark. There is a range of tried and tested tools and advice to make this task easier for you.


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