Ten tips for exam day

With both TC and TPS exams on the horizon, here are some last minute tips for those crucial few hours before the exam to help you perform well on the day.

1.  Get up early and have a good breakfast at home. If you are feeling a bit nervous or apprehensive about the exam, having something to eat can actually help to settle your stomach.

2. Don’t forget to take everything you’ll need for the exam itself – you could get your bag ready the night before to save rushing around in the morning. ICAS sets out what you can and cannot take into the exam room in the Exam Information and Regulations pages – be sure to have a read of them so you don’t get caught out.  You might want to take along your lunch if you have two exams/papers in the one day to save any rush at lunchtime.

3. Ensure you know where you are going – double check the venue and of course the time that the exam is due to begin. Information about exam locations is available on icas.com:

4. Leave early and leave plenty of time for your journey. The last thing you need is to risk being late for the exam as that will only make you more panicked and nervous. Allow for traffic, check the weather reports for your exam day, and be on the look-out for any bad weather travel restrictions that may impact your journey.

5. It goes without saying, but take your time and read each question carefully, noting any key facts or important pieces of information as you go. Be sure to answer the question that’s specifically been asked and don’t presume that the question will be exactly the same as one you have previously seen.

6. During the exam, keep your focus on yourself, not other people. Don’t look around at how other students are doing - this will just distract you from your main task which is to do as well as possible.

7. Before you start take some deep breaths. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you. If you feel nervous use positive language and encourage yourself. Once you get started on the paper your nerves will pass.

8. If you are taking a multiple choice paper, remember you don’t have to answer the questions in order. Start with the questions you feel most comfortable with first to build up your confidence.

9. If you have time at the end, do a last check over of your work and watch out for any silly mistakes.  If you are sitting a TC paper, don’t leave any objective questions unanswered – there is no negative marking.

10. After the exam, try to resist the temptation to have an exam ‘post-mortem’ with your friends. There is no point going over the answers you gave – what’s done is done. It is better to focus your efforts on looking forward.


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