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You are about to begin your journey to become a CA.

If you want your career to be challenging, rewarding and exciting, becoming an ICAS Chartered Accountant (CA) offers all this and more.

The useful information and links on this page will help answer any questions you have before you begin your ICAS training. You will be required to log in to access some of the areas on but to help get you started, we have already set you up with your own student account. There’s no need to register, simply login using the student number and password found on your enrolment letter.

Press play on the video below to discover the power of the CA and learn more the organisation that has helped shape the careers of our extraordinary members.

We hope you enjoy being part of ICAS and wish you luck in qualifying as a CA.

Course Guide

The purpose of the course guide is to introduce you to the CA Education department and answer some frequently asked questions. This guide is essential reading for all students who are completing TC courses.

There is a guide available for all levels. Download the Test of Competence Guide PDF [1,361 KB].

Course Information

Further information on your TC course, including CABLE, can be accessed below:

Do I need to do anything before I start the course?

Please visit the relevant pre-course pages for your pre-course information.


When and where is my class?

You will be sent class information by email in advance of your course starting, for TC, this is usually sent 4 - 6 weeks in advance.

What time does my class start?

Your class information will detail your class start time. Classes normally have a 15 minute morning and afternoon break and around 45 minutes for lunch.

How do I access my timetable?

Your course timetable will be emailed to you along with your start date and venue information. A detailed version will be issued on day one of your course.

Please email with any timetable queries.

When do I receive my materials?

Your course material will be issued on day 1 of each subject.

You will also find copies of your materials on on the TC learning materials page.

What do I bring to face to face classes?

Please bring your own stationery and a calculator to class with you. Any non-programmable calculator is permitted in the TC exams. A scientific calculator is required for TC Finance. It is recommended you bring a back-pack for your materials.

What is the dress code?

The dress code for all ICAS courses is smart/casual.

ICAS Rules and Regulations - CA Student Member Handbook

As a CA Student Member, you are bound by the ICAS Rules and Regulations. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the CA Student Member Handbook.

Keeping your contact details up to date

ICAS will communicate with you primarily via email, and also via post and telephone, providing you with information about your classes and exams. Please make sure we have an up-to-date email address, postal address and mobile number for you.

You can check and update your contact details online through the 'My Profile' section of the ICAS website.

Our commitment to you

  • We will support your studies by providing and maintaining appropriate services, resources and facilities.
  • We will communicate with you in a clear, timely and accurate manner.
  • We will meet your expectations wherever possible, and will explain when we cannot.
  • We will deal with you as an individual and ensure that you are treated fairly and equally.
  • We will measure our performance against a full range of service standards.

Your commitment to us

  • Behave in a manner that is professional and shows respect for ICAS team members and your fellow students.
  • Make every effort to work together with other students and tutors.
  • Show personal commitment to your course by:
    • Giving time and effort to your studies, making every effort to complete all courses tests and exams;
    • Attending all the required activities and informing ICAS if you will be absent for any reason;
    • Making the most of all of the learning resources and facilities available to you;
    • Showing willingness to act on advice and guidance provided;
    • Participating in class and on discussion boards etc;
    • Asking questions – your tutors are here to help.

Get in touch

The CA Education Department are committed to providing you with a service of excellence throughout your student journey.


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