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By Alex Burden, Student Blog

10 November 2016 has grown into a widely-used resource and comparison site, putting power in the hands of British consumers and demystifying complicated financial products such as mortgages. Find out how former ICAS student Ruth Jakobsen got involved with developing their key businesses.

Ruth Jakobsen is a finance director and business partner, working in Strategic Finance and Business Development with the group. 

She originally graduated from the Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania with a degree in business administration, and studied to become a CA.

Since successfully completing her studies with ICAS, Ruth has continued to deploy her knowledge and skills, and has achieved key positions such as Finance Director at The Private Clinic, Senior Finance Business Partner for Experian Marketing Services UK, and IPO Consultant at SSP Limited.

Ruth explains how she is involved with new offerings in the comparison business and reducing risks: “My role at MSM Group involves working on strategic and business development initiatives, which range from a new service offering or an acquisition that could significantly increase the group's value in the long term, to investing in a cutting-edge start-up or assessing major risk factors.

“My involvement could be in the form of financial and commercial insight and support, leading a debt refinance or doing financial due diligence and valuation work.”

Many of you will recognise elements of your own qualification in Ruth’s work, including reporting, risk-assessment and business development!

The training I got through the CA qualification prepared me well for the professional challenges I faced in my career. Ruth Jakobsen

Any TV watchers amongst you will also be familiar with the ‘epic’ dance-off adverts of featuring scaffold-swinging builders and high-heeled businessmen; catchy adverts that have helped bolster the company’s recognition amongst the public, as well as financially savvy browsers.

The Moneysupermarket group now includes, and The group was one of the earlier players in the comparison business, and continues to lead the way for consumers to make the most out of their major money decisions.

It began in 1993 as a mortgage listings company and is now the largest price comparison website operating in the UK; offering customers 60 different products from more than 700 providers.

The company was listed on the stock market in 2007, and since then, the annual turnover has grown to £282m; they’ve recently recruited former John Lewis retail director, Mark Lewis as their new chief executive of the group.

Ruth finds that her role has given her the opportunity to work with talented people, particularly for the “variety and the intellectual challenge posed by supporting the business leaders in staying ahead of ever-changing technological and competitive environments”.

What did Ruth think of her education with ICAS and how has her current membership continued to help? “The training I got through the CA qualification prepared me well for the professional challenges I faced in my career. 

"Being a member of ICAS helps me to stay abreast of my profession and provides a fundamental stamp of quality to my CV.”


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