Review: Penclic computer accessories

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By Ritchie McPherson & Sam McGhee - CA Students

10 June 2016

Ergonomics in the workplace are gaining ground as an important measure for reducing costs and improving productivity.

Indirect costs for repetitive strain, spinal pain or related injuries can run high, and businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce these.

A pain-free employee is a productive employee, and with that we asked two CA students to investigate and try out three ergonomic products available for the office, and whether they could see them integrated into their daily work routine.

Ritchie McPherson, Senior Audit Associate with Deloitte LLP, reviewed Penclic’s Numpad N2 and Mini Keyboard K2.

Why are you using it and what are your expectations?

I am using the items as I tend to get sore hands after typing on my laptop keyboard for a full day. I was hoping that the Penclic keyboard and the number pad would put less stress on my fingers and alleviate some of the pains.

How did it match up to expectations?

The number pad is fantastic for a full day of posting journals and filling in spreadsheets. The keyboard felt much more natural to my hands and it wasn’t putting the same strain on my finger and hands, compared to just using the laptop. The number pad is handy for keeping in my bag and bringing to client meetings, but I found the keyboard to be too big to carry around so I only use it at the office. Overall, I can see myself using the number pad all the time and the keyboard when I can.

Would you recommend it?

I would recommend the products to anyone that sometimes get sore hands or numb fingers after a full day of typing; they have greatly improved my previous issues.

Sam McGhee, Assurance Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers, tested the Keyboard K2 and the Mouse B2.

Why were you using the products?

I decided to use the ergonomic keyboard as it is slightly larger than the standard laptop keyboard that I normally work with, and allows me to sit further away from the screen whilst working. It also encourages better posture; I frequently find myself hunched over the regular laptop keyboard and having to sit close to the screen.

I tried the Penclic mouse as I have frequently found the traditional computer mouse too small, and as a result I have suffered some mild discomfort. I was keen to try this new product and see whether it was more comfortable.

How did the products match up to expectations?

The wireless keyboard encouraged much better posture at my desk as I expected, but I was really impressed with the level of comfort and ease of use that the design of the mouse provided. The mouse works similar to a pen, enabling you to move the cursor around with ease and very little wrist movement, and thus reducing strain on the wrist. I found that after a week of constant use, I was experiencing none of the usual discomfort.

The mouse is also very user-friendly and easy to set up, requiring only a usb connection and a quick installation. Finally, navigation through documents is made easier through the side buttons on the mouse, which I preferred to a conventional scroller. The Penclic software also allows full button mapping customisation should the user wish to alter the button configuration.

Would I recommend the products?

I would definitely recommend the mouse to anyone who suffers from mild to moderate discomfort as a result of using a normal mouse. It's a welcome addition to my desk. For frequent laptop users, I also recommend using the keyboard to encourage better posture.

Penclic products are available from Posturite.


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