Preparing for a new role

New job
By Eleanor O'Neill, Student Blog

1 April 2019

You may be anticipating taking on a new role or more responsibility within your organisation as a fully-fledged CA. We've put together advice to help you prepare.

1. Research the role

While you probably did a decent amount of reading up on what your new position could entail, it's a good idea to revisit that material before you make the transition.

How does it tie into the wider business objectives of your company? What new challenges will this present for you? Are there any development or upskilling opportunities you could pursue to better address them?

2. Speak to your manager

Get in touch with who you will be working with to determine what might be expected from you and what objectives should be your immediate priority. Taking this step can help to cut down on the 'settling in' phase of your new role and get you off to a productive start - surely impressing your new colleagues!

3. Make a 100-day plan

Having a schedule and clear goals for your first few months is a great way to prevent being overwhelmed by new responsibilities. This could be especially important in a short-term secondment or interim role, as you are aiming to make an impact within a strict timeframe.

If you're looking for some tips on where to start, read 2017 One Young CA Jonny Jacobs' advice from his time as Interim CFO of pladis.

4. Introduce yourself

Reach out through your network for connections in your new team. Use a platform like LinkedIn to track down the key people you will be working closely with and make yourself known.

5. Enjoy the transition

Most of all, take the time to reflect on what this move will mean for your career and celebrate your achievement. You were selected for this opportunity for a reason, so be excited to get stuck in and make a successful change.


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