Overseas students looking to become a Chartered Accountant (CA)

If you are an overseas student there are certain steps you will need to take before applying for a CA training position.

You'll need to make sure you meet the minimum entry requirements to apply for CA training. You must have an overseas degree that is equivalent to a UK degree. UK NARIC provides a service for individuals seeking comparability between international and UK qualifications, to help those with international qualifications progress towards further studies and employment in the UK. For further information, visit www.naric.org.uk.

Once you have obtained confirmation of comparability, you can apply directly to ICAS authorised employers listed on the apply for a training contract section of our website. Each employer will specify their own minimum entry requirements, in addition to those required by ICAS. Make sure you check these before applying as you're unlikely to be successful if you don't meet them.

Remember too that ICAS does not offer any training contracts - it's your responsibility to apply directly to the employers listed on the ICAS website. Employers should help you obtain a Training & Work Experience Scheme permit (TWES).


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