Introducing our Student Services team

Student services team

13 May 2016

Jo Jackson introduces the Student Services team and what responsibilities lie with their department, from achievement logs to admission.

Who’s in your team?

The Student Services team includes Nicola Haston (pictured left), Lena Neil–Para (pictured right) and myself, Jo Jackson (pictured in the middle). We are all Operations Administrators within the student services team and my role is to look after student enrolment, student exemptions, achievement logs, invoicing and generally dealing with all kinds of student queries.

What’s the busiest time of year for you?

We are kept busy throughout the year, but I would say the peak is in June and July when we are enrolling our next intake of students. We enrol hundreds of students at this time and also process exemption applications alongside enrolments. We are also very busy around March and April when the Admission Ceremony is approaching and students are looking to join the Institute.

What are the most frequently asked questions you receive?

The most common queries normally relate to logbooks and being admitted to membership. Answers to these questions can be found at, or the Students Services team can be contacted via email or phone.

Student enrolment
Achievement logs
Training contracts
Authorisation of training offices
Student Services+44 (0)131 347 0173
+44 (0)131 347 0175
+44 (0)131 347 0136

What key piece of advice would you give to students?

Students should read all the information they are provided with throughout their time at ICAS and regularly log into for guidance on how to complete their logbook and to ensure it is kept up to date.

Where would you direct people to for more info?

I would advise students to visit the links below which will help with any unanswered queries.


  • CA Student blog

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