Making the most of your TPE feedback sessions

Get the most from your TPE feedback session
By Catherine Devaney, TPE Level Controller

25 March 2019

TPE Level Controller, Catherine Devaney, helps you achieve value in the TPE feedback sessions.

During the TPE course, you will receive a face-to-face feedback session in relation to your mock 1 and mock 2 performances. The sessions are delivered by your mock marker and are entirely personal to you.

Feedback from your marker is a key step in the TPE experience and we want to ensure that you find value in the process. To get the most out of your face-to-face sessions, we have highlighted our key points:

Before the face-to-face feedback session

Read over your own mock answer

Don’t forget that a copy of your mock submission will be saved on your laptop. You have a great opportunity to review your mock performance before you speak to your marker.

Consider your performance and mock answer during the class-wide mock debrief

There is a mock debrief on the morning of your face-to-face feedback session, in which your lecturer will go through the mock and discuss what was expected. By having your answer available you will be able to see how your answer compares to what was expected. This is only possible having carried out your own review of your answer.

  • Prepare notes/questions to take into your face-to-face feedback session to discuss with your marker. Think about:
    • What did you do well? Ask if this came across in your answer
    • What did you not do well? If there were issues with sections, it may be on case study technique – ask your marker the impact this had on the answer produced
    • How can you improve? For example, if you have a poor executive summary – what would have made it clearer?

Your marker will expect you to have read through your script, and based on the morning of the mock debrief session, identified areas of strength or weakness.

After the face-to-face feedback session

Consider your TPE Case Study Skills:

  • Effective reading;
  • Effective planning; and
  • Concise business writing.

Your marker may have made reference to your TPE case study technique as well as your TPE technical and professional skills. Take these comments on-board and consider what you need to improve on. It may only be some elements of your technique which need to be tweaked.

Rewrite weak sections

Pick a weak section of your own mock and re-work to a satisfactory standard (referring to the marking plan if you wish at this point). There is considerable evidence that this activity develops the required TPE skills more effectively than tackling a new case study!

Use the self-assessment Mock Guidance

This is provided within your Case Study Skills 2 exercise document, which is included in your block 1 material. You will be directed to this during your mock 1 debrief and it can be used for all subsequent mock reflections.


Overall, by being prepared for your feedback session you will have:

  • a clear understanding of the steps you need to take to improve your performance.  This may include revision activities and exam technique; and
  • the confidence that, by following the advice given, you can achieve an acceptable result in the examination.


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