Lifehacks for Professionals: Work

By Alex Burden, Student Blog

25 June 2018

Lifehacks are everywhere - some practical, some bizarre, and some genius. As a busy professional who is also studying, you need the tools to make your life simpler, easier and quicker.

We present our list of 10 hacks for busy professionals in the world of work.

1. An end to expensive replacements for Apple cabling

Tired of taping the frayed and misshapen wires of your iDevice as the official replacements are off your budget? Invest in Dodocool cabling that is MFI-certified (Made for iPod, Made for iPhone, and Made for iPad) – they’re cheap enough that you can litter your office, your car, and your laptop bag with them

2. You can now get your very own version of the ‘zeitgeist tapes’

The Skimm is for busy professionals who don’t have time to pour over newspapers and cultural materials and digest the world in quick-smart time. If you sign up with Skimm you’ll receive brief overviews of the important stories around the globe. Great fodder for dinner party chats too!

3. Attend Yale University at the weekend. 

That’s right, you can add to your CV with free online access to courses such as the Philosophy and Science of Human Nature, Game Theory, and Modern Poetry – expand your mind!

4. Online task management and a to-do list all in one

The Todoist app is free and mobile-ready to prompt you to perfect planning. Organise, prioritise and collaborate!

5. Unusual travel tips

If you have to travel with overnight stays as part of your business, consider this handy hack to keep your clothing spruced: hotel shower caps make an excellent shoe cover – no more mud smudges adorning your travel case.

6. Match your work clothes with an infographic

Trying to coordinate work clothes can be a headache, but this handy infographic shows you which shoes to blend with which suits!

7. Do your small tasks first

If something can be completed in a few minutes such as emails, orders, and rearranging meetings, look to carving out a half hour at the start of the day to run through these - you'll start the big projects with a greater sense of accomplishment!

8. Accurate receipt recording

Love financial reporting and planning in your personal life? Check out the free app called Expensify. You can take photos of your receipts, record notes and ditch the personal paperwork – also great for small work projects to keep track of spending.

9. Can your responses

If you use Gmail or Outlook accounts to organise your work and emails, start building the canned responses feature to deliver quick replies or weekly meeting reminders at your fingertips.

10. Tailor your goals

Last but not least, we have the legendary list advice from Warren Buffett, which he sagely passed on to his personal pilot: make a list of the 25 goals for your life and job. Circle the top five goals. Focus on these to the exclusion of all others to guarantee achievement!


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